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Getting to know your



Growing up

Growing up, my grandparents were always taking camping trips to various places around northern California. I have plenty of childhood memories dropping a worm off a rock and catching bait for my grandpa to take out on the lake; or my grandmother teaching me how to tie the correct knot "and ALWAYS trim off your tag ends!" I didn't realize way back then how important these type of moments were in that they create the type of memories that last a lifetime. 


A hobby; A pastime

As I grew older, with grandmother's passing and my grandfather moving away, I found myself on the water quite often; having met my wife that would fish with me, and having friends and relatives that enjoy the sport as well and even taking the time to show my friends with no experience how rewarding it is to go out and catch a big Salmon or a bunch of Striped Bass. What started out as something my grandparents did for fun was starting to really become I loved! I'd be counting down the days until my next opportunity; checking weather patterns, water conditions and bite reports so I'd be ready for the day.


Captain John?

It sounded like something that I wasn't qualified for. I had never thought that all those years of running my own boat for pleasure that I'd be taking the steps toward what I one day would aspire to be. I was fishing with Bear on day and we started talking about it. I got to thinking about it; could I do it? would I be accepted into this community of old salty dog captains with years under their belt? Then I realized that those guys started somewhere too, and myself and the guys I fish with are just the next generation of old salty dogs!

 Within 1 year of that day I was officially an OUPV Licensed Captain! It was time to turn my hobby into a business; time to teach others while learning and experiencing more myself.

Here, Fishy Fishy!

But what good is a captain with no ship to sail? The final piece of the puzzle was the chariot to get YOU on the fish! A completely custom 23' Alumaweld Super Vee Pro. She is equipped with all of the equipment necessary to keep you fishing comfortably and effectively! Come join me and make some lifelong memories of your own! I look forward to having you on board!

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