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School of Fish

Here Fishy Fishy's "School of Fish" is a program pioneered by Captain John and is designed to teach your little fisher all of the core fundamentals they'll need to be a safe and effective fisherman or fisherwoman!

This program is for all children ages 6 - 17 and will offer options that include workshops only, and up to 6 fishing days; 4 of which are aboard the Here Fishy Fishy sled!

Knot Workshop

We've all heard the old fisherman's tale of losing the "BIG ONE" and anybody who fishes knows the pain of losing a fish. While there are other factors involved, having a properly tied knot is arguably the most important part of a successful fishing rig. We'll go over my favorite knots, what applications I use for certain knots and, of course, how to tie each knot correctly so that your child can be successful all on their own!

Rigging Up

The next phase of the workshop will teach our youngsters what type of rigging they will need for any specific type of fishing based on target water or species.

We will cover:

-Rod/Reel Selection

-Line selection

-Leader selection

-Hook/Lure selection

-Terminal Tackle

-Bait selection

-Scent selection

Boating Safety

As much as boating and time on the water can be fun and relaxing, it can also be quite dangerous if proper precautions aren't taken.

In this part of my course students will learn the importance of proper safety and responsibility to ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the water.

Topics will include:

-Trip planning

-Dawning a life vest

-Boarding a vessel

-Passenger safety

Fishing General: Knowledge, Etiquette and Environmental Protection

Fishing from both shore or boat can be a ton of fun. It can be calming, rewarding and exciting. But, without proper preparation, one can find themselves either in trouble with the law, at odds with a neighboring boat or fisherman or even in danger yourself; it can also be detrimental to our precious resources if we don't follow guidelines set forth by our State Department of Fish and Wildlife. We will discuss:

-Pack in, pack out

-Referencing local fishing restrictions and harvest limits

-Respecting personal and private property

-Respecting others around you

-Seasons: What to look for; where and when to GO!

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