Metro Area Salmon

We’ve made a few morning runs out to the Sacramento River, at and below the American river. While it looks like there are definitely some fish holding in the area, getting them to bite seems to be the problem. We’ve heard of some fish caught here and there, but it may take some time for the bite to really turn on especially with yet another heat wave coming.

Temps in the Sac river in that area are still 72° to 74° and they get cooler up into the American River. Lots of “witches hair” and other weeds make fishing in the area a bit of a challenge; you really have to babysit the gear to keep it clean. Still, if there’s nothing else to do, a day of the water never hurts!

Reports up at the Feather river outlet sound very similar with fish around, but lockjaw is what most are saying.

We are still in the early stages of the season but I am still anticipating a good year! Check back for updates!

-Capt. John

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